Virginia DeBolt

How to Create a Responsive Web Site Using Dreamweaver CS 5.5

An e-book

Responsive web design using media queries. It's a hot topic right now. If you use Dreamweaver to create web sites, the instructions and interfaces for how to do that are somewhat lacking.

This e-book will help you figure it out.

This 25 page e-book is in PDF format. You will walk through the construction of a simple new website in Dreamweaver CS 5.5. You'll see how to work with the various Dreamweaver options to create a responsive web design that will work on devices ranging in size from wide screen computers to small mobile phones.

This site using responsive design

The book helps you modify a built-in Dreamweaver layout to be responsive, and it explains how to use the Dreamweaver WYSIWYG tools for creating media query specific styles.

Many screen shots and step by step instructions will help you follow along. I'll show you Dreamweaver views from both Design and Code View panes.

I used a Mac. If you use Windows, your views may be slightly different, but not by enough to make any difference.

The book is $4.99, with payment to be made via PayPal.

After you complete the purchase at PayPal, look for a small link that says Continue to Merchant's Website. That link will take you to the page where you will download the e-book.


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