Reviews of Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS

Five stars at Amazon

The average rating from a small number of reviewers who have posted at Amazon is 5 stars. If you have any thought about the book after reading it, please review it at Amazon, too.

Kathy Marks Review

Kathy Marks reviewed the book on her web site. She said,

DeBolt is an educator, as well as a writer and freelance designer, and it shows. Chapters build nicely on one another; instructions are clear and easy to follow; and there are abundant opportunities for readers to practice the techniques they learn. Through a series of well thought out lessons, the reader is taken from simple basics to more demanding HTML and CSS recipes.

If you have a hunger to learn accessible, standards-compliant CSS and HTML but don't know a div from a DOCTYPE, this is the book for you. Stick with it, and Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS will have you cooking up tasty web sites before you know it.

456 Berea Street

Roger Johansson reviewed the book at 456 Berea Street. He commented,

The book covers everything from the very basics of HTML and CSS to writing XHTML and CSS for handheld devices and design basics. The correct use of most of the common HTML elements and attributes is explained, along with examples of how CSS can be used to style them. There are chapters that explain, among other things, how to publish the pages you build, how to configure and customise various blogging tools, and how to write CSS with Dreamweaver 8 (I skipped the Dreamweaver chapter since I don’t use it).

Throughout the book, all examples are standards-based and keep accessibility in mind, which is great considering that it will be picked up by a lot of beginners. This book teaches HTML and CSS mostly the right way.