Phoebe's sites is Phoebe's official site. It has been taken down since her passing. Her webmaster, Michael Castner, has a site of his own and several interesting podcasts with Phoebe.

She has a Facebook page.

Phoebe now has an official MySpace page at I'm not a MySpace member, so I can't sign up as one of her friends. If you don't have that problem, go let her know you're out here.

Links to Other Folks' Phoebe Information

Robin Renee published an interview with Phoebe. The interview was conducted in 2005, and she reposted it in tribute after Phoebe's death in 2011.

A nice article from Greg in Hollywood tells an touching story about Phoebe. Wishing a very happy birthday and sending out much love to the great singer-songwriter Phoebe Snow!

A fan contacted me with the tip that there was a lot of interesting stuff about Phoebe Snow for sale on ebay. When I checked, I found lots of posters, CDs, vinyl LPs and videos, even some one-of-a-kind items.

Louis Black, these days an editor and columnist at The Austin Chronicle in Austin, TX, wrote about his early life and his friendship with Phoebe Snow before she became Phoebe Snow. He talks about Charlie Parker and “Harpo's Blues” and “Poetry Man” and what pop music may or may not mean. It's all in his Page Two column for Nov. 18, 2005.

There is a wonderful interview with Phoebe on acousticlive that was done after Natural Wonder was released. Be sure to read it.

The LA Times published an interesting and revealing article about Phoebe on September 1, 1998. I have a copy here.

National Public Radio spoke with Phoebe on August 1, 1998. There is a link and a summary here.

The Philadelphia Inquirer interviewed Phoebe in January 1998. You can read that article here.

An interesting interview with Phoebe, written by Debbie Tuma of The Independent.

House of Blues has an interesting interview with Phoebe.

Posters advertising some of her past concerts are available at The Concert Artifacts of Legends

There is a sound clip from Phoebe's version of "Time and Love" at a Laura Nyro site. This clip is from the album by various artists honoring Laura Nyro.

On 2/4/98 Phoebe was the guest for an on-line chat show. I have created a condensed and edited version, if you want to stay here. Or, the actual transcript is at Dateline: Atlantic City

Mindy Jostyn's web site. Mindy worked with Phoebe in the early '90s in the Rock and Soul Review, including the 1992 national tour.