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Phoebe Snow Has Died

April 26, 2011


"Phoebe Snow, a singer, guitarist and songwriter whose song Poetry Man was a defining hit of the 1970s, has died," The Associated Press reports.

According to the wire service, "Rick Miramontez, her longtime friend and public relations representative, says Snow died Tuesday morning. He says she died of complications from a brain hemorrhage she suffered in January 2010."

Phoebe was 60.

Some of the news reports on her death:

From Richard Hannah of Global Radio 1

-May 10, 2011
I personally was a huge fan. This week on Global Radio 1.Com, we are playing our two hour interview with Phoebe from 18 months ago. Live at Midnight UK time but available as a podcast from our Global Radio1 Extra page. Please tell her fans. She talks emotionally about Valerie, her religion and even jewish recipes.

Comments from Fans about Phoebe's Passing

I'm receiving comments about Phoebe's passing. I thought I'd add them here for all to read.

A loss of a wonderful artist & a loving person.
-S.Y.D., NJ

What a tremendous loss. My day is saddened.

"Phoebe graduated the same High School as me two years before me. I'll never forget Poetry Man"

I could never say the effect PHOEBE SNOW has had in my life,with her Music. GOD BLESS her precious SOUL. I can say without hesitation she was my FAVORITE SINGER in the entire world. MAY GOD bless and COMFORT her Family. Phoebe will be SORELY MISSED and NEVER forgotten. LOVE & CONDOLENCES
-D & D.K.

She was always one of my fave singers. Her humanitarian work is equally as impressive. She put her career on hold to care for her special needs daughter. Old post on her come-back:

I was saddened to hear of Ms. Snow's passing today and I was surfing the net. I had just been on YouTube, listening to one of my favorite songs by her, Poetry Man. The song was beautifully arranged and her voice angelic. She will be sorely missed.

Poetry Man was a nice song when I was in High School. Later in 1990s I saw her with Steeley Dan in The New York Rock and Soul Revue with McDonald and other added stars. She said, " Let me sing my hit " and sang, " Celebrate the moments of your life " from th coffee commercial. ( sense of humor ). Then she played guitar and sang Poetry Man. She also sang Shakey Ground and amazed the audience with her voice on An Last. These are on the NY Rock and Soul Revue CD, which I highly recommend. ( not Poetry Man ). What a voice in concert. Loud but not screaming. Like an opera singer. The story about her leaving show bussiness to be mom to her child is beautiful.

Phoebe, stay with us some more. You don't have to go. You're the poetry girl, You make everything alright.

But shes with her daughter again now...Now no tears in heaven.

Ed sent his comment in the form of a blog post.

She touched my heart.

Her voice WAS a beating heart -- What a gift! She will be missed.

A sad day for Phoebe's fans, friends and family.  Just wanted to let you know that Garland Jeffreys posted comments and a photo of Phoebe and himself on his Facebook Page at My condolences to you and everyone who loves Phoebe.

I met Phoebe almost 15 years ago. She came into my restaurant and I had no idea who she was. After talking to her several hours, I knew she had a great soul. We became friends and I will never forget how beautiful of a person she was. I know she is with Valerie now and she is at Peace. She touched me and the world with her voice and beautiful spirit.

Rest in Peace Phoebe-

We are so saddened to read about Phoebe Snows' passing. We were thrilled to see her perform last summer. She was such a big part of our lives in college. Her songs take us back to that time and bring such joy. No one sounds like her. Her soul and kind spirit are present in each song. She will be missed.

God bless you, Phoebe Snow.

I've lived in NYC my whole life.

In the mid 80's, there was a little Japanes restaurant - funky, quiet, cheap, but really good. A little hidden place in midtown, at a hotel (no longer there) called The Warwick.

Friday's, I'd go there with my best friend - and, have some saké and a little something to eat.

Even though the dining room was fair-sized, there'd never be more than a few patrons.

One of the regulars was Ms. Snow, who was always there as well - eating at a table near by.

The restaurant always had the radio on - either some soft-rock, mellow jazz, or something similar.

To this day, I always remember this, the restaurant, because Ms. Snow'd invariably start to sing, or hum along. Not LOUD, but, just enough to make it seem like the radio was her back-up.

It was a nice thing to know about this - little whole-in-the-wall place, in a midtown hotel lobby, and to have a (real) singer - with a beautiful voice, who seemed to serenade us - privately, quietly.

I thank her for those Friday dinners. It's something I'll treasure.

I know that wherever she goes, those close by to her, will be lucky to hear her gently humming them, soothng them.

I am crying as I write this because I will truly miss this wonderful artist and soul.  She shared her gift of talents and love with the world and willingly sacrificed a lot.  I thank God I was blessed to have experienced her artistry and the joy and love she shared through it.

I have come back time and again to your site about Phoebe Snow, having read each and every page. I really appreciated it being there over the years, as I was THE biggest Phoebe Snow out there. Now that she has passed, I am back again to see what is mentioned about her. Thanks so much for keeping us all up today on Phoebe over the years.

That woman sang directly into my soul and I will never get her out.

I just read in one of the reviews of Phoebe's life that she wanted to be a guitarist originally and that she tried to sing like a guitar sounds. That may be the only good explanation for my first response to hearing Phoebe's voice, a response which has always puzzled me. Listening to her on a Michael Jackson TV Special singing Poetry Man, I said to my lover - what is that girl doing? Is she singing? What is she doing with her voice??? The notes sounded like nothing I had ever heard. So, like you, I found she stuck in my head from the very beginning. The next day when I heard her on the radio, I had the same response - what the heck???? So he bought me her album and I almost wore it out trying to listen to that voice - at first not even knowing if I liked it but ending up loving it. Even on the commercial jingles she did over the years, I recognized her after the first note, and loved to hear her. When a friend played an album I had never heard before, I said it was Phoebe while she protested and checked the credits (of course it was Phoebe). I could never get enough - but really it was just enough, just perfect.

Thanks so very much for having this site for Phoebe's fans. And for the contact over the years.

When I am ready, I am gonna listen to all her music from start to finish, listening for the guitar in her voice and celebrating life.

How do you say goodbye to your heroine? How does one find the words that allows you to "let go" of such a magnificent, shining star whose luminescence has helped giude my footsteps for decades? For me, Phoebe Snow was not just an amazing talent but embodied truth, grace, elegance, perseverance and being true to yourself. Her beauty came from within and if you were not blown away by her voice, you saw her magic and selfishly, tucked it away in hopes of creating a little of your own down the line, when for whatever reason, you needed it. I in my life, have surely needed her magic and when called upon, Phoebe Snow never disappointed because I know she was singing directly to me. Farewell my most cherished heroine.

"When she shall die take her, and cut her out into little stars, and she shall make the face of heaven so fine, that we will all be in love with the night, and pay no homage to the garish sun"

I am greatly saddened to have learned of Phoebe’s passing. Having been told some time ago she has passed away in the early ‘80’s I had only discovered this was not true in March of this year and of course she was by then in a coma.

My very first girlfriend referred to me as the “poetry man” and I have cherished the reference and the song ever since by teens. Phoebe has touched my heart and soul with her music for so many years and no doubt for more to come. Hardly a day goes by I do not listen to her and will go on for the rest of my life feeling a little loss that I did not know her better.

Rest in peace, angel of music and song.